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Haweli Indian Restaurant provides its customers with Authentic Indian Cuisine and is built upon our model of fresh food made with the highest quality ingredients by our skilled chefs. Our customers enjoy both our popular well-established menu, as well as our constantly evolving ranges that explore Indian Food culture. Haweli is an expanding, versatile, and highly regarded brand. Haweli provides two type of business outlets, Dine in restaurants and food court outlets in major shopping centers.

Joining our team, and building your business on our strong foundation will Give you the business experience and skills to thrive and strive to be the best to acheive your goals in the food industry.

As a Haweli franchisee you will enjoy the support of a team dedicated to your success, as well as access to extensive training and marketing resources. You’ll be part of a community with a passion for fresh Indian cuisine, dedicated to providing high quality customer service.

If you’d like to learn more about franchise opportunities with Haweli, as well as what you can expect when you build your business with us, please Contact Us on Rahul@haweli.com.au